Advocacy for Lebanon

What’s Happening? 

Lebanon is experiencing a severe humanitarian and economic crisis, exacerbating the existing vulnerabilities of the country’s Syrian and Palestinian refugee populations and plunging many Lebanese into poverty. Refugees in Lebanon have suffered from decades of discriminatory and restrictive policies, as well as the lack of access to basic rights and services. Under state duress, Syrian refugees face pressure to return to Syria under unsafe and unlawful conditions.

What Must Be Done? 

Refugees International has urged the government of Lebanon to end discrimination and mistreatment of refugees and to protect their human rights. As Lebanon grapples with the collapse of its economy, international support and cooperation is crucial to address urgent needs and build resilience.


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Featured Image: People light candles during power cuts due to the fuel shortage in Beirut, Lebanon on July 25, 2021. © Houssam Shbaro/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images.