Let Asylum Seekers Work

The Asylum Seeker Work Authorization Act (H.R. 1325) is a commonsense, bipartisan solution that Congress can act on now. 

Call It Genocide

Calling what happened to the Rohingya “genocide” is not simply a matter of semantics.

Stop Tigray Famine

Since November 2020, civil war in northern Ethiopia has spiraled into a living nightmare. Parties to the conflict have committed unspeakable crimes. Millions of civilians are facing widespread displacement. And people are dying of starvation amid a man-made famine—the region’s second in less than 40 years. The threat of full-scale civil war now hangs over…

We Can Welcome

#WeCanWelcome People Seeking Safety Policies at the U.S. southern border that restrict access to asylum have created a perception that a crisis at the border is inevitable. However, that is simply not the case. The truth is that with smart and humane policies, the United States can welcome people seeking safety and protection. In fact,…