We Can Welcome

#WeCanWelcome People Seeking Safety

Policies at the U.S. southern border that restrict access to asylum have created a perception that a crisis at the border is inevitable. However, that is simply not the case.

The truth is that with smart and humane policies, the United States can welcome people seeking safety and protection. In fact, millions of Americans want to welcome people seeking asylum.

The Voices from the Border campaign is committed to highlighting and sharing the stories of those who have been most impacted by recent policies and those committed to creating welcoming communities. 

Join us and share the stories of individuals on the frontlines of welcoming communities across the country.

Meet Mirna Linares

A mother and asylum seeker from El Salvador living in Colorado

Meet Jose Murillo

A father, political activist, and asylum seeker from Honduras living in Texas

Meet Pastor Lorenzo Ortiz

A pastor from Laredo, Texas who is providing shelter and food to asylum seekers on both sides of the border 

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