You Helped Support the People of Myanmar

Because of advocacy by supporters like you, important legislation has now been passed to help address the crisis in Myanmar.

In March 2022, the United States recognized the Myanmar military’s 2017 campaign of violence against the the Rohingya people for what it was: genocide and crimes against humanity. But the story does not begin or end there. The Myanmar military has a long track record of violence and repression targeting the country’s ethnic minorities and political opposition.

To hold the Myanmar military accountable and get much-needed humanitarian aid to the region, Refugees International has called for the passage of the BURMA Act since its introduction in Congress. Many of our supporters like you contacted their Senators to urge them to support this important legislation.

In December 2022, Congress included large parts of the BURMA Act in the National Defense Authorization Act of 2022 (NDAA). This important congressional action will support the people of Myanmar as they live under a brutal regime with a history of genocide. 

What Does It Mean?

Now the United States must pursue stronger global coordination against the Myanmar military and will be compelled to authorize new sanctions against the junta and its financial supporters. The legislation also calls for provision of humanitarian assistance and authorizes funding to support Myanmar civil society and to investigate atrocities.  

What’s Next? 

The situation remains serious:  

  • More than 14 million people in Myanmar need humanitarian assistance, and the military continues to block access to those in need 
  • More than 1.1 million people in Myanmar have become displaced since the coup 
  • Thousands of people have been murdered or imprisoned at the hands of the Myanmar military 
  • Almost 1 million Rohingya genocide survivors remain displaced in Bangladesh with little hope of a safe return to their homeland

Refugees International will continue to call for humanitarian assistance and accountability for the people of Myanmar, including the Rohingya.

You helped to prove that when we work together, we can make a difference. Thank you.

Featured Image: Rohingya refugees from myanmar watch ICJ proceedings at a restaurant in a refugee camp on December 12, 2019 in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. Photo by Allison Joyce via Getty Images.