With Thousands Displaced, Refugees International Calls for Ceasefire in Ethiopia

Please see below statement from Refugees International Vice President for Programs and Policy Hardin Lang:

“Refugees International is deeply concerned by the reports that the conflict in Tigray is becoming internationalized.

Fighting along the Ethiopian-Eritrean border and rockets fired from the Tigray region into Eritrea underscore the fragility of the situation. The conflict is spilling across borders and has the potential to become a threat to international peace and security. Over 20,000 Ethiopians have sought refuge in recent days in Sudan and that number is expected to rise quickly. We are also alarmed by credible reports that atrocities have been committed against the civilian population in the town of in Mai-Kadra in south-west Tigray.  

The conflict in Tigray has all the hallmarks of a major humanitarian emergency in the making. Refugees International calls upon Ethiopia’s neighbors and the African Union to work with the parties to the conflict to reach a ceasefire.  We strongly urge the Trump administration to take a leadership role in support of diplomatic efforts to end the conflict before it spirals out of control.”

For more information or to schedule an interview, please contact Sarah Sheffer at ssheffer@refugeesinternational.org or +1 202 540 7029.