U.S. Engagement in South Sudan Needed More Than Ever

In response to the upcoming November 12 deadline to form a transitional government in South Sudan, Refugees International’s Senior Advocate for Human Rights Daniel Sullivan issued the following statement: 

In just one week, South Sudan will face a deadline to form a transitional government. But South Sudan’s leaders have failed to implement key aspects of  last year’s peace agreement, making it unlikely they’ll meet that deadline, and risking a return to horrific violence that has displaced a third of the country. U.S. engagement is needed more than ever to build momentum toward peace leading up to November 12 and beyond. Without that pressure, South Sudan’s leaders will continue to drag their feet on the peace process, making violence more likely. But regardless of the deadline, the people of South Sudan need support and encouragement from the United States and the international community if they are to have a brighter future.