U.S. Ceasefire Call in Gaza Must Come with Red Lines 

Statement from Refugees International President Jeremy Koyndyk: 

“After six months of war and tens of thousands of lives lost, President Biden’s call today for an immediate ceasefire and measurable steps to ease humanitarian suffering and enhance protection for civilians in Gaza marks a welcome shift in U.S. approach. However, that shift must come with clear benchmarks and consequences. In addition to an immediate ceasefire, Israel must still establish a working humanitarian deconfliction mechanism. It must also open its borders for the delivery of aid by United Nations agencies and humanitarian NGOs, whom it routinely continues to block from accessing northern Gaza. If Israel fails to make verifiable progress in these areas, the United States should move to condition military assistance to Israel. The Biden administration should also step up to lead an international effort to stop famine in Gaza as a top priority.”  

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