U.S.-Canada Asylum Agreement Erodes Protection for People Seeking Safety in North America

Please see below statement from Refugees International Director for the Americas and Europe Yael Schacher: 

“The expansion of the U.S.-Canada Safe Third Country agreement was kept a secret for a year and now is being implemented without opportunity for comment on its implications on refugee protection in the hemisphere, including the possibility that it will incentivize entries at ever remote parts of the border in order to evade detection. The expanded agreement will close off Canada to many asylum seekers who will face detention under poor conditions and lack a fair chance to seek asylum in the United States—which is why the original agreement between the two countries (now being expanded) is being challenged in Canadian court.

This agreement, like the proposed transit ban at the U.S. southern border, erodes access to protection for people seeking safety in North America. Additional legal pathways Canada reportedly may provide to some refugees will not make up for this cutting off of access to asylum at the U.S.-Canada border.”

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