Senate Border Bill is Not the Asylum Reform We Need

Statement by Refugees International Director for the Americas and Europe Yael Schacher

“Refugees International is disappointed by the push by some Senate Democrats for passage of the “Border Act of 2024.” The bill, if passed, will exacerbate humanitarian and operational challenges at the border. The bill is not the asylum reform we need. It puts an arbitrary cap on asylum seeking and devotes resources to exclusions and rushed adjudications at a heightened standard at the border – policies that we know only push people seeking safety into harm’s way and play into the hands of criminal networks.

Instead of political posturing, Congress should focus on putting forward an affirmative vision that upholds U.S. obligations to protect people fleeing persecution, supports communities receiving asylum seekers and the ability of asylum seekers to work, and provides a path to permanent residency to so many essential community members.”

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