Reports of Forcible Return of Eritrean Refugees in Ethiopia Cause for Alarm

Please see the below statement from Refugees International’s Senior Fellow Sarah Miller: 

“Refugees International is concerned about reports that Ethiopian government forces and Eritrean soldiers have forced Eritrean refugees to return to Eritrea or other locations where they may be in danger. For example, Eritrean refugees who fled to Addis Ababa to avoid the fighting in Tigray have been rounded up and returned to camps in Tigray. This is unacceptable, as camps in Tigray are in the middle of an active conflict zone and have little access to food or medical supplies.

Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia fled violence, economic hardship and compulsory military service, and face the ongoing threat of persecution upon their forcible return to their home country.

As Ethiopia’s conflict rages on, all parties—and the Ethiopian government in particular—must respect the fundamental rights of those seeking refuge. Authorities must also allow desperately needed food, medical supplies, and other aid to reach displaced people—including Eritrean refugees—without interference.”


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Cover photo by YASUYOSHI CHIBA/AFP via Getty Images.