Reparole for Afghans a Welcome Step, More Must Be Done to Ensure Permanent Pathways to Safety

Statement from Refugees International Director for the Americas and Europe Yael Schacher:

“Refugees International welcomes the Biden administration’s launch yesterday of the re-parole application process for Afghans paroled in to the United States in the wake of the U.S. withdrawal and Taliban takeover of Afghanistan.

Reparole will ensure that Afghans can continue to rebuild their lives and contribute to American communities. But it is temporary, so we call on Congress to reintroduce and pass the Afghan Adjustment Act to give Afghans the path to permanent status.

We also call on Congress and the Biden administration to create additional pathways to the United States for the many Afghans at risk abroad and to promote family unity. Without these pathways, Afghans have been taking the long journey to the U.S.-Mexican border. When they arrive, they should be welcomed with dignity and able to seek asylum without being detained or separated from relatives.”

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Featured Image: Afghan evacuees watch a soccer match at the Ft. McCoy U.S. Army base on September 30, 2021 in Ft. McCoy, Wisconsin. (Photo by BARBARA DAVIDSON/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)