Refugees International Welcomes Kenya’s Refugees Bill

Please see below statement from Refugees International Senior Fellow Sarah Miller:

“Refugees International welcomes President Kenyatta’s signing of the Refugees Bill into law today. The law will improve Kenya’s refugee response by working toward a whole-of-government approach and unlocking the potential for refugees in the country to contribute significantly to Kenya’s economy. 

Kenya has hosted some of the world’s largest numbers of refugees for decades—more than 500,000. These refugees bring skills, knowledge, and experience that can help to build Kenya’s economy and offset the challenges incurred by the pandemic. 

Kenya should pursue a refugee response that prioritizes the human rights of refugees, working to improve their access to health care, education and livelihood opportunities. This will allow both refugees and their Kenyan hosts to thrive.”

For more information, contact Refugees International Director of Communications Sarah Sheffer at or +1 202 540 7029.

Banner Photo: Refugee and artisan, Kapya Kitungwa, 44, from Tanganyika Province in Democratic Republic of the Congo, carves wooden holiday ornaments for Made51 from his workshop in Nairobi, Kenya. © UNHCR/Will Swanson