Refugees International Welcomes Biden Move to Welcome Refugees This Year

Please see below statement from Refugees International President Eric Schwartz:

“Today President Biden signed an updated Presidential Determination to increase the United States refugee admissions ceiling to 62,500 refugees this fiscal year—up from the 15,000 ceiling set by the previous administration at an historic low. This is a welcome first step toward rebuilding a U.S. Refugee Admissions program that was decimated by four years of cruel policymaking under the previous administration.

Refugee resettlement saves lives, bolsters U.S. national security, supports our allies, and enriches our communities in countless ways. Refugees are our friends, neighbors, and teachers, and they serve overwhelmingly as frontline workers amid the COVID-19 pandemic as the crisis enters its second year. With governments around the world providing protection to millions of refugees, 62,500 represents a very modest U.S. commitment to international responsibility sharing.  

Resettlement of refugees has long enjoyed strong bipartisan support both at the federal level and in our communities. When the previous administration, through an executive order, made states and localities opt in to resettling refugees in their communities last year, 42 governors from across the country, including 19 Republican governors, voiced their support for welcoming refugees alongside countless other community officials. The Trump order was later enjoined, but the response to it sent a strong message: refugees are welcome here.

Refugees International applauds the Biden administration for this measure and for its continued commitment to rebuilding the refugee admissions program in the years to come.”


For more information or to arrange an interview with Eric, please contact Refugees International Director of Communications Sarah Sheffer at or +1 202 540 7029.