Refugees International Reasserts Its Commitment to Fight Against U.S. Travel Ban

Statement by U.S. Senior Advocate Yael Schacher on reports that the Trump administration is considering an extension of its discriminatory travel ban:  

“The news that President Trump is planning to add countries to his travel ban should be heartbreaking to all Americans. Thousands of people have been cruelly and unreasonably separated from relatives because of the already existing ban. They have been stranded in conflict zones like Syria, Yemen, and Somalia. This is a shameful attempt by the President to misuse his power to expand a ban that principally impacts individuals from the Muslim world. As the anniversary of the first travel ban approaches, Refugees International reasserts its commitment to fight against any and all unreasonable and discriminatory bans against individuals seeking entry to the United States.” 

For more information or for an interview with Yael, please contact Sarah Sheffer at or 202 540 7029.