Refugees International Congratulates Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission on 10th Anniversary

Refugees International congratulates the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission on its 10th anniversary of standing up for those whose human rights are under threat. For the past decade, the Commission has carried on the honorable work of its namesake, former Congressman Tom Lantos, and shone a light on the plight of too often forgotten communities. Refugees International has welcomed the opportunities to provide expert testimony and to work with the Commission to highlight displacement and human rights violations suffered by people around the world, from stateless populations to the Kachin and Rohingya in Myanmar to the millions displaced in South Sudan.

The Commission has been a moral compass for the United States Congress and an indispensable ally in Refugees International’s mission to advocate for lifesaving assistance and protection for displaced people and solutions to displacement crises. As our shared mission becomes more urgent than ever, Refugees International looks forward to continuing to work with the Commission, and we wish it great success in the next decade and beyond.