President Biden’s Announcement of Burma Sanctions Is a Welcome Step, But More Must Be Done

Please see the below statement from Refugees International Senior Advocate for Human Rights Daniel P. Sullivan: 

“President Biden’s announcement of asset freezes and an Executive Order opening the door for further targeted sanctions on Myanmar’s military are important and welcome steps. But there is much more that the United States can and must do to censure the military’s egregious behavior and recognize the true threat that the Myanmar military’s seizure of power presents.

Pending targeted sanctions must include military-owned enterprises and should be reinforced by other countries. President Biden must continue his ‘vigorous diplomatic outreach’ and aim for global condemnation and implementation of targeted sanctions, including, ideally, at the UN Security Council.

An even more obvious step should be to formally recognize the crimes committed by the military against the Rohingya people for what they are: crimes against humanity and genocide.

The Rohingya people and Myanmar’s other ethnic minorities know all too well the military’s capability and willingness to commit horrendous human rights abuses. The world must also recognize the heightened risk of atrocities and act urgently.”

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