Global Dispatches: How the United States Can Embrace a Feminist Foreign Policy

This piece originally appeared in UN Dispatch on March 15, 2021.

Fifty days into the Biden-Harris administration, the United States has taken a number of key steps to revive multilateralism as a pillar of American foreign policy. Over the past several weeks on the Global Dispatches podcast, we’ve dug deep into how the new administration and new congress can pursue a multilateralist agenda in areas like human rights, climate, health, peace and security among others.

In today’s episode, we use the frame of multilateralism to explore how the United States can embrace a feminist foreign policy. A number of countries around the world have now explicitly adopted a feminist foreign policy, including many key American allies. So what would a feminist US foreign policy look like in practice?

Devon Cone, Senior advocate for women and girls at Refugees International takes on that question. We kick off discussing what we mean when we say “feminist foreign policy” and then we go into detail about specific steps the administration and Congress can take to make a feminist foreign policy a reality.