Borrowed Time Must Not Be Wasted in South Sudan Peace Process

Statement by Daniel P. Sullivan, Senior Advocate for Human Rights, Refugees International:

South Sudan’s agreement today to delay the formation of its transitional government by 100 days is a welcome move. Key aspects of the peace agreement have languished for too long, but this period can and should kickstart progress. A third of the country’s population are displaced, and humanitarian conditions remain dire. This borrowed time must not be wasted.

The United States and regional actors must stay engaged and hold South Sudan’s leaders to account for any further delays. A resolution, S.Res.371, has just been introduced in the Senate reaffirming the support of the United States for the people of South Sudan and calling on all parties to uphold their commitments to peace and dialogue. The passage of this resolution will send a strong message that the United States is paying attention and ready to hold all parties accountable.