A Letter from RI’s President on the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Dear Friends,

This week, you have likely seen the heartbreaking photos of Syrian refugees fleeing tragic circumstances and risking their lives and the lives of their family members to find safety. The world mourns those who have lost their lives in these dangerous journeys, and the images serve as a stark reminder of why we do the work that we do.

The United Nations estimates that so far in 2015, more than two thousand people have drowned attempting to seek refuge in Europe. More than 300,000 refugees have already taken boats to Italy and Greece this year, and as the situation in Syria and elsewhere deteriorates, many more will likely make the attempt. Even upon arrival in Europe, refugees face many challenges before finding safety, as we have seen in so many countries month after month.

More than four million Syrians have fled their homes to surrounding countries, while another 7.6 million remain displaced within Syria.  The crisis in Syria has contributed to a staggering 60 million displaced people worldwide – the highest number since the United Nations began counting. Refugees International will continue to advocate on behalf of Syrian refugees, as we have since the beginning of the war. To learn more about the Syrian refugee crisis and what we believe will make a difference, please read our latest report: Aid Inside Syria: A Step in the Right Direction?

This holiday weekend, we join you in sending our sympathies to the Syrian people who have lost so much over the past four years.


Michel Gabaudan
President, Refugees International