Newsweek: Tigray Is Still in Crisis—The Guns Have Stopped, but Hunger Abounds

Northern Ethiopia’s Tigray region was one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises in 2021 and 2022. It has since been crowded out of the headlines, but the situation remains dire. An estimated 600,000 were killed during the two years of fighting between Tigrayan, Amhara, Eritrean, Ethiopian, and other armed groups. Much of Tigray lived under siege for nearly two years, receiving almost no food, medicine, or humanitarian assistance.

CNN: Report details mass atrocities and hunger in Darfur

Mass atrocities are happening again in Sudan. The international community must step up pressure to stop them. Daniel P. Sullivan joined CNN’s Rosemary Church to discuss his latest report Bearing Witness: Atrocities and Looming Hunger in Darfur.

Bearing Witness: Atrocities and Looming Hunger in Darfur

Twenty years on from the Darfur genocide, mass atrocities are once again underway in Darfur. As a larger war continues to ravage the country of Sudan, a disturbing new wave of ethnically targeted killing has been unleashed by a militia descended from the groups that carried out the original genocide.