World Development Report 2023: Meaningfully Including Refugees

This year, the World Bank published its annual flagship report, the World Development Report, on cross-border mobility. The World Development Report 2023 comes at a critical time as the world searches for sustainable and humane solutions to forced displacement. Ensuring the meaningful and sustained participation of forcibly displaced people is key to managing and implementing policies and programs that respond to forced displacement, and the World Development Report lays out steps in that direction.

Refugees International hosted an event focused on exploring the World Development Report 2023’s approach to refugee engagement. What does meaningful refugee participation mean? Where has it been done well? And what’s next for the Bank?


Martha Guerrero Ble, Advocate for the Labor Market Access Initiative, Refugees International


Hourie Tafech, Refugee Leadership Program Manager, Refugees International


Ana Maria Diez, Fellow at Refugees International and President of the Coalición por Venezuela

Xavier Devictor, Co-Director, World Development Report 2023

Yonous Muhammadi, President, Greek Forum of Refugees

Seconde Nyanzobe, Global Refugee Network

Featured Image: A refugee from Nigeria working at a bakery on October 5, 2018 in Reutlingen, Germany. (Photo by Thomas Niedermueller/Getty Images)