Safeguarding Asia’s Most Vulnerable During COVID-19

May 7, 2020

COVID-19 has taken the world by a storm, but none are more deeply affected than the world’s most vulnerable. Refugees and the internally displaced, individuals living under authoritarian regimes, and others living in countries with limited healthcare resources are facing, in some cases, life or death situations.

The Heritage Foundation hosted a webinar on the unique challenges faced by Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, the impoverished in North Korea, and the marginalized in China. Refugees International’s Senior Advocate for Human Rights Daniel Sullivan delivered remarks about the looming threat COVID-19 poses for the nearly 1 million Rohingya refugees suffering in Bangladesh and the estimated 600,000 still at risk in Myanmar. Watch the webinar below.


Daniel Sullivan
Senior Advocate for Human Rights, Refugees International

Kristina Olney
Director of Government Relations, Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation

Jeongmin Kim
Seoul Correspondent, NK News

Hosted by 

Olivia Enos
Senior Policy Analyst, Asian Studies Center, The Heritage Foundation