Inclusive Climate Dialogue: Amplifying Afghanistan’s Voice in Global Climate Negotiations

As the global community faces the pressing challenge of climate change, some countries are disproportionately exposed to its consequences. Afghanistan, ranked fourth on the INFORM Risk Index 2023, stands at a critical juncture—facing both climate change-related impacts and heightened vulnerability due to conflict, which further contribute to migration and forced displacement. Climate negotiations and events play a pivotal role in shaping global responses to these challenges, yet the dynamics of international discussions often lead to certain countries, including Afghanistan, being marginalized or ignored. 

Ahead of COP28, this event delves into the implications of sidelining countries like Afghanistan in international climate negotiations and subsequent impacts on migration and displacement. By analyzing the missed opportunities and wide-ranging effects on global environmental initiatives, the central focus remains on the crucial role of inclusivity in ensuring effective action against climate challenges. Furthermore, international humanitarian organizations and the global community are vital not only in addressing the environmental aspects of climate change, but also in dealing with the interconnected challenges of migration and displacement that arise as a result. 

Refugees International, Resilience, Environment and Humanitarian Aid (REHA), and Earth the Lost Heaven (ELH) hosted a panel discussion featuring a diverse group of experts and Q&A with attendees. This event aspired to catalyze a shift in global climate conversations, underscoring the importance of inclusive participation and cross-sectoral collaboration in addressing Afghanistan’s unique climate struggles. 

The event featured simultaneous interpretation into Pashto and Dari. Please click here to access the interpretations.

Welcome Remarks   

Qiyamud Din Ikram, Fellow, Refugees Fellow Program, Refugees International 

Jocelyn Perry, Senior Advocate and Program Manager, Climate Displacement Program, Refugees International 


Dr. Fazlullah Akhtar, Climate change and water expert, Center for Development Research (ZEF), University of Bonn

Dr. Assem Mayar, Water expert, postdoctoral researcher at Leibniz-Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research, ZALF

Alice Thomas, Executive Director, Central Asia Institute

Ezatullah Sediqi, Founder and Deputy Executive Director, Resilience, Environment and Humanitarian Aid (REHA) Organization

Nasratullah Mateen, Youth climate activist