Her Stories: 11 Years of War in Syria

March 14, 2022

Her Stories” is a documentary about three Syrian women—Fatmeh, Weam, and Malakeh—and their journeys as they survive displacement and war and fight for their families and their futures. Their stories shed light on the many challenges and triumphs of the refugee experience.

As we mark the anniversary of the Syrian uprisings, Refugees International hosted an event featuring Fatmeh, Weam, Malakeh, and “Her Stories” filmmaker Abd Al-Kader Habak, who was himself displaced by the war in Syria. Refugees International’s Senior Advocate for the Middle East  Sahar Atrache moderated. 


Sahar Atrache, Senior Advocate for the Middle East, Refugees International


Abd Al-Kader Habak, “Her Stories” filmmaker and journalist from Idlib, Syria

Fatmeh al Hmayed, activist from Idlib, Syria, living in Turkey

Weam Gabbash, activist from Damascus, Syria living in the Netherlands

Malakeh Harbaliye, nurse from Aleppo, Syria, living in Azzaz, Syria and Turkey