Global Women & World Refugee Day: Feminist Perspectives on the Response to the Crisis at the U.S. Southern Border

 June 22, 2021

The massive humanitarian crisis at the U.S. southern border is dominating the headlines. Women and children seeking refuge in the United States are disproportionately impacted due to sexual and gender-based violence, persecution, and exploitation.

COVID-19, climate change, and other factors are compounding the crisis. We will explore ways in which a feminist policy agenda can inform the Biden-Harris Administration on how to best respond to the current emergency at the U.S. southern border and shape the future of forced migration to the United States and beyond.

The American Bar Association hosted a discussion on unaccompanied minors, family separations, Title 42, the aftermath of the Migrant Protection Protocols program (“MPP”), human trafficking, and the current state of women, children, and families who have fled to the United States across the southern border.


Introductory remarks:

Mary Meg McCarthy, National Immigrant Justice Center


María Martin, NPR Journalist and Executive Producer


Blaine Bookey, Legal Director, Center for Gender and Refugee Studies

Devon Cone, Senior Advocate for Women and Girls, Refugees International

Bardis Vakili, Senior Staff Attorney, ACLU of San Diego and Imperial Counties