Experiences of Haitian Migrants in Mexico and at the U.S. Border

May 27, 2022

Mexico’s policy approach toward Haitians has been chaotic and insufficient, pushing them into the shadows without meaningful access to protection, services, or work. Near the U.S.-Mexico border, Haitians are in perilous limbo because of the threat of expulsion to Haiti as Title 42, a U.S. policy that cuts off access to asylum at the border, remains in place. Meanwhile, conditions in Haiti are dangerous and precarious—especially for those who are forced to return.

Over the last several months, Refugees International interviewed Haitians at key moments along their migration journey and especially about their reception in Mexico and treatment at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Refugees International hosted a webinar about how Mexico and the United States can work together to uphold the rights and meet the needs of Haitians. The event featured Haitian community workers, protection experts, and videos from Haitians about their experiences living in northern Mexico and after expulsion to Haiti under Title 42.


Eric P. Schwartz, president, Refugees International


Rachel Schmidtke, Latin America advocate, Refugees International


Yael Schacher, deputy director for the Americas and Europe, Refugees International

Jessie Valcin, coordinator of work with the Haitian community, Espacio Migrante

Wesly Luc, coordinator, Asociación Refugiados Haitianos en Tapachula (ARHT)

Josep Herreros, Assistant Representative (Protection) for UNHCR-Mexico