CSIS | On The Brink of Disaster: Aid Conditionality and Crisis in Afghanistan

This event was hosted by CSIS on November 5, 2021.

The humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan is rapidly worsening, but the plight of Afghans has largely faded from the news cycle. 22.8 million Afghans are now at risk of acute food insecurity, and the number is likely to grow unless there is immediate intervention. The country’s humanitarian crisis will be further exacerbated by the onset of winter and increased logistical challenges for a response. Humanitarian organizations are ready to act but cannot carry out programming due to existing sanctions, prohibitions on financial engagement with the Taliban, and cash shortages across the country.

Please join CSIS’ Humanitarian Agenda and the Project on Prosperity and Development to discuss the dire situation in Afghanistan and uncover what more the international community must do to address major food shortages and other humanitarian needs.


Fawzia Koofi

Former Deputy Speaker of the Afghan Parliament and Head of the Women’s Affairs Commission

Hardin Lang

Vice President for Programs and Policy, Refugees International

Sima Samar

UN Secretary-General’s High-Level Panel on Internal Displacement; Former Afghanistan State Minister for Human Rights and International Affairs

Hsiao-Wei Lee

Afghanistan Deputy Country Director, Operations, World Food Programme

Jacob Kurtzer

Director and Senior Fellow, Humanitarian Agenda