Crisis in Ukraine: Humanitarian and Human Rights Imperatives and the Response in Poland

March 30, 2022

Russia’s attack on Ukraine has triggered a devastating humanitarian and displacement crisis. Since the invasion began last month, millions of people have become displaced within Ukraine’s borders and are in need of humanitarian assistance. Another 3.7 million people have sought refuge outside Ukraine, most of whom  have fled to Poland. Europe and the broader international community have met this crisis with a response unprecedented in its speed and generosity. But as Russia continues its onslaught, governments, international organizations, and NGOs face challenges sustaining an effective response.  

In early March, a Refugees International team traveled to the Polish border with Ukraine to assess the situation. In a new report, Crisis in Ukraine: Humanitarian and Human Rights Imperatives, the team shares its findings and recommendations.

Refugees International hosted a discussion with several individuals engaged in the humanitarian response in Ukraine and in neighboring Poland. They will share what they are hearing from people affected by the war, the challenges they are facing, and what must be done to improve the response.


Daphne Panayotatos, Advocate for Europe, Refugees International  


Wojtek Wilk, CEO, Polish Center for International Aid

Krzysztof Stanowski, Director of International Cooperation Centre, Lublin Municipal Office 

Karolina Wierzbińska, Coordinator & International Cooperation Manager, Homo Faber Association