Addressing the Rohingya Boat Crisis

Thousands of Rohingya have embarked on dangerous journeys by sea in recent months, with at least 300 believed to have died in the past year. These journeys are driven by ongoing persecution of Rohingya by the junta in Myanmar and dire conditions in the refugee camps in Bangladesh. Regional countries, including India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand have been slow to respond and those Rohingya who do make it to shore face the threats of detention and even return to the genocidal regime from which they have sought to escape. 

On February 6, 2023, Refugees International and the Women Peace Network hosted a panel discussion that addressed the increasing number of Rohingya refugees risking their lives at sea. The webinar featured Rohingya who have been directly affected by the crisis and policy experts who gave recommendations on a way forward.



Daniel Sullivan, Director for Africa, Asia, and the Middle East, Refugees International


Rezuwan Khan, Rohingya refugee and relative of survivors of boat voyage

Wai Wai Nu, Executive Director, Women Peace Network

Yuyun Wahyuningrum, Chair and Representative of Indonesia to the ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights (AICHR)

This event was hosted in partnership with the Women Peace Network.

Banner Photo Caption: A boat carrying Rohingya refugees who were rescued by Acehnese fishermen on the shores of Lancok Village, North Aceh, Indonesia on June 25, 2020. Photo by Fachrul Reza/NurPhoto via Getty Images.