At the Olympics, Let ‘Refugee Athletes’ Be ‘Athletes’

The well-intentioned creation of the “Refugee Olympic Team” may unintentionally reinforce the notion that refugees are “the other.” While it promotes inclusion, it could also perpetuate an idea that refugees are beyond the bounds of “normal” citizens and states.


The Horror in Syria Continues

In October, a Refugees International (RI) colleague and I traveled to Turkey to revisit the issue of work permits and livelihood access for the 3.5 million refugees now living there – 3.2 million of whom are Syrians. As in previous missions, we interviewed Syrian refugees who had recently fled their war-torn homeland.

Turkey’s Forgotten Refugees

Turkey faces a long list of challenges that come with hosting 3.5 million refugees, the highest number for any refugee-hosting country, but the Turkish authorities and international and humanitarian actors should not treat people differently based on the country from which they fled.