Advocacy for Chad

What’s Happening?

Chad is facing a climate crisis, worsening intercommunal clashes, and violence from armed groups like Islamic State in West Africa and Boko Haram. In the Lake Chad Basin region, these factors have converged into a complex emergency aggravated by chronic underdevelopment and political upheaval. Meanwhile, instability and drought in neighboring countries have continuously forced people to flee into Chad in the hopes of finding protection.

What Must Be Done?

Refugees International is urging donors and aid agencies to address Chad’s humanitarian crises and strengthen their efforts to mitigate the consequences of climate change. Chad should move ahead with the implementation of the African Union’s Kampala Convention to improve the lives of internally displaced people.


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Featured Image: Group of internally displaced men in a displacement site outside of Baga Sola, in the province’s Department of Kaya, Chad. © Alexandra Lamarche, Refugees International