Advocacy for Cameroon

What’s Happening? 

Cameroon is wrestling with three simultaneous humanitarian crises: one caused by Boko Haram, another due to climate-related conflict, and a third as the longstanding marginalization of Cameroon’s Anglophone minority has devolved into violence. Alongside displaced Cameroonians, the country hosts a large number of refugees from the Central African Republic. 

What Must Be Done? 

Despite growing needs, Cameroon’s humanitarian response continues to be underfunded. It’s time for donors to step up. Refugees International is calling on the Cameroonian government to recognize the gravity of the country’s humanitarian crisis and allow unfettered access to people in need. Donors and diplomatic partners must bring pressure to bear on Cameroon to allow relief agencies to meet the needs of the civilian population.


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Advocacy Letter

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Featured Image: In the South-West Region of Cameroon, a university student stands in the courtyard of the chemistry department. © Alexis Huguet/AFP/Getty Images