The impact we made in 2015 brought more assistance and a better quality of life for thousands of displaced men, women, and children. We are proud to say we did this without accepting any United Nations or government funding to maintain our independence.

For those of you who supported us this past year, thank you for helping make a difference in the lives of displaced people around the world. We remain grateful for your continued generosity. And if you are new to RI, we welcome your interest and hope you will become engaged in this important work. 

2015 was truly a year unlike any other. As the numbers of those displaced by conflict globally became impossible to ignore, the world was forced to pay attention. From across the Middle East, to the shores of Europe, unprecedented numbers of people fled their homes.

In many of these cases, refugees were met with staunch stonewalling by governments. Walls were built, borders were closed, refugees were defamed. Dangerous and harmful rhetoric conflating refugees with terrorists became all too common. The need to speak out in defense of the displaced and find solutions to their plight became more important than ever. At Refugees International, the very core of our mission was tested. However, our message remained loud and clear: THE RIGHTS OF DISPLACED PEOPLE MUST BE RECOGNIZED AND RESPECTED.



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Click here to view a copy of the independent auditor's report for 2014.
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