Advocacy for Türkiye

What is Happening?

Türkiye hosts the largest refugee population in the world, including more than 3.6 million Syrian refugees and 400,000 refugees from other countries. However, the protection of refugees in Türkiye is a major concern, as many have been subjected to human rights abuses, including physical and sexual violence. The February 2023 earthquakes have exacerbated the need for greater access and protection for refugees. Türkiye, a critical hub and transit route for getting cross-border aid into northwest Syria, has also pressured Syrian refugees to return to areas under its control in Syria.

What Must Be Done?

Refugees International is advocating for the rights of refugees in Türkiye, including protection from refoulement, as well as for enhanced cross-border humanitarian aid from Türkiye into northwest Syria.

Issue Brief

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In the News

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Advocacy Letter

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Advocacy Letter

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Featured Image: Afghan asylum seekers living in Türkiye. © Refugees International