Refugees International Condemns Military Coup in Myanmar

Please see the below statement from Refugees International Senior Advocate for Human Rights Daniel P. Sullivan: 

“Refugees International condemns the Myanmar military’s declaration of a state of emergency and the arrest of civilian leaders including Aung San Suu Kyi. This military coup is a blatant violation of democratic principles. It also heightens the risks of major human rights abuses and violence that could lead to new displacement. The Myanmar military has a history of targeting ethnic minorities for abuse and is responsible for committing genocide against the Rohingya. The coup also raises concerns about access to those in need of humanitarian assistance, particularly forcibly displaced people who are already among the most persecuted and vulnerable. 

We call upon the United States and all members of the UN Security Council to denounce this dangerous move and to demand that the military release those detained and pursue a democratic path that respects the rights of all minority communities. The UN Security Council should employ all tools of pressure, including targeted sanctions and a global arms embargo. 

For decades, the military has operated with impunity in Myanmar and the civilian population has paid the price. Refugees International and others have long called for stronger measures against the Myanmar military for their crimes. Now, with all eyes on Myanmar, the world must act.”


For more background on steps that the United States can take on Myanmar, see our recent report, Critical Policy Advice for President-Elect Biden: Leading a Global Response on the Rohingya Crisishere.


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