Ninth Circuit’s Ruling on “Remain in Mexico” Policy Puts Lives At Risk

Statement from Senior U.S. Domestic Advocate, Yael Schacher:

“The Ninth Circuit’s opinion on the “Remain in Mexico” policy is devastating. Once asylum seekers have been returned to Mexico, they often can’t work, have no sure place to sleep, no way to find a lawyer, and no way to take care of themselves and their children.

“They spend months going back and forth from Mexico to the United States for their court hearings, which are chaotic and confusing. I’ve seen mothers and fathers without lawyers beg immigration judges to let them stay in the United States while their hearings continue and where their children can be safe, but the judges are powerless to grant this, so they are referred back to DHS for additional hearings where their fears are regularly dismissed. As Ninth Circuit Judge Watford noted in his opinion, asylum seekers may have legitimate fears of persecution in Mexico but don’t know that this is important to raise when seeking asylum in the United States.

“This can’t be what Congress intended. Hopefully, in the next appeal, judges will quickly overturn the Ninth Circuit’s ruling and return some humanity to the current asylum process.”

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