Advocacy for Mali

What’s Happening?

Mali has experienced perpetual conflict and displacement for the last decade. Although violence was initially concentrated in the country’s north, armed groups have now moved into central Mali, exacerbating tensions between communities over access to land and water. Across the country, violent confrontations have repeatedly forced people to flee their homes and left Malians in dire need of humanitarian assistance. The UN peacekeeping mission is struggling to keep the peace and protect civilians.

What Must Be Done?

Refugees International is calling on the international community to leverage its funds and influence to compel the Malian government to protect and provide for its citizens and make a concerted effort to rebuild state authority and trust in its institutions.

Issue Brief

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Issue Brief

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Featured Image: A man who fled jihadist violence in his village of Guerri in central Mali in February 2020. © Michele Cattani/ AFP via Getty Images