Honoring Courageous Aid Workers Around the World

On World Humanitarian Day, Refugees International honors aid workers around the world who risk their lives in the service of others. Tragically, the places where people are most in need – whether in Yemen, northeast Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan, Syria, or the Democratic Republic of the Congo – are also some of the most dangerous places in the world. Humanitarian staff – who are often from the communities they are serving –  regularly put themselves in harm’s way to deliver life-saving assistance.

In Somalia, where humanitarians are working to stave off famine, four aid staff have been killed since January, and many other have faced targeted attacks and kidnappings. In Syria, aid convoys have come under attack by air assaults, and this year alone, 29 humanitarians there were killed.

In paying tribute to their service, we must call out loudly and strongly that aid workers are not – and should never be – targets.”  We stand with these brave humanitarians each and every day.