Women and Girls



Though Refugees International (RI) advocates for lifesaving assistance and protection for all refugees and displaced people around the world, displaced women and girls are in particular need of RI’s attention.

In instances of armed conflict and displacement, women and girls face exceptional danger. They live under the constant threat of acts of gender-based violence (GBV), such as rape, sexual assault, domestic violence, and traditional harmful practices like female genital mutilation (FGM) and early marriage. In addition, women have a more difficult time obtaining access to official documents required to determine nationality, leaving them at risk of statelessness.

As a result, RI has made it a priority to advocate for improved humanitarian responses that elevate the well-being and safety of women and girls.


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Refugees International advocates for the respect of women’s rights and calls for the international community to meet the specific needs of women and girls who have fled their homes due to violent persecution or natural disasters. Through fact-finding missions, RI sheds light on the issues forcibly-displaced women and girls face, helping to ensure that the world does not abandon their critical needs in a time of crisis. RI holds the UN, U.S. government, humanitarian actors, donor nations, and host governments accountable to meet the specific needs of women and girls. RI believes that when women and girls are protected and empowered, so are their families and communities.

RI ensures policymakers and humanitarian actors listen to and prioritize the needs of women and girls, starting with minimizing the risks of GBV as a necessary first step. RI works to ensure that women and girls benefit from GBV prevention and response programs, including medical, psychological, legal, and security assistance.