The 13th Annual New York Circle

Friends of Refugees International convened in New York City on December 2, 2015 to hear “The Refugee Experience,” a panel featuring two displaced people with whom RI has worked and moderated by RI Board Member Sam Waterston. The panelists included Abdi Iftin Nor, a refugee from Somalia now living in the United States, and Sigifredo Ponce, a young man from Mexico internally displaced by cartel violence.

RI Board Member Sam Waterston interviews Sigifredo Ponce and Abdi Iftin, displaced people with whom Refugees International has worked.
 Panelist Abdi Iftin, RI Board Member Matt Dillon, Panelist Sigifredo Ponce.
 RI Board Member Elizabeth Galvin, Mara Gay, Washington Circle Chair Mariella Trager
 RI Board Members Joy Lian Alferness and Sam Waterston
 RI President MIchel Gabaudan with RI Board Members Sandi Tully and Jan Weil.
 RI Board Member Nina Saglimbeni, Dino Saglimbeni, Alexandra Glassl, and Richard Chalmers
 RI Board Members Joanne Leedom-Ackerman, Jan Weil, and Michael Madnick
 RI Senior Advocate Sarnata Reynolds, Panelist Abdi Iftin, RI Board Member Sarah Bacon, RI Senior Advocate Mark Yarnell, Alex Pasternak, and Panelist Sigifredo Ponce
 Washington Circle Chair Mariella Trager, RI Board Member Sam Waterston, Ina Trager, Hadassah Lieberman, and Robin Jeffrey
 Attendees of the New York Circle gather to hear the panel discussion.
 RI Board Members Natacha Weiss, Sam Waterston, and Sophal Ear.