U.S. News & World Report: U.S. Refugee Policies Are Failing, Group Says

An advocacy group says the Trump administration's humanitarian policies are falling short both inside the country and around the world.

The United States and other countries continue to face enormous humanitarian challenges in a world with more than 70 million refugees and internally displaced people. Yet the administration of President Donald Trump is doing worse at handling refugees and providing humanitarian protection than last year, according to an independent refugee advocacy organization.

A new report put together by Refugees International shows the U.S. is still falling short when it comes to refugee responsibility and humanitarian policies. The 2019 annual paper released on Monday gave the U.S. an F, or a failing grade overall. The organization gave the U.S. a failing grade last year, the first year the organization produced the assessment, but the country's policies have deteriorated in the past year, the report says.

The current administration also received an F for all internal and several overseas measures related to refugees, as it is undermining the U.S. law and longstanding U.S. humanitarian policy "through cruel practices toward families seeking asylum, weakening the U.S. asylum process, and crippling the U.S. Refugee Admissions program," say the authors of the report

Among other findings in the report:

  • Overseas, the Trump administration continued restricting life-saving humanitarian aid, including aid to refugee women and girls. It also failed to lead efforts to put an end to "conflicts inflicting humanitarian suffering, and separated the U.S. from broad-based global efforts to improve global responses on migration and refugees."

  • Overall, the U.S. engaged in "systematic efforts to effectively end asylum for large numbers of credible claimants at the U.S. southern border." It also rejected "international compacts on enhanced protection and management of migrants and refugees endorsed by an overwhelming majority of other governments," say the authors of the report.

  • The current administration is failing to display leadership on efforts meant to recognize and respond to massive human rights violations and forced migrations in countries such as Myanmar.

  • The U.S. also is falling short in providing humanitarian leadership in several countries torn by conflict, say the authors of the report. In Syria, the Trump administration policies lack coherence. South Sudan and northern Nigeria are receiving little attention, while in Yemen the U.S. administration is not applying enough pressure on the Saudi-led coalition to end abuses against those harmed by the military.

The effects of these policies are "rippling around the world," the report states, because of the influence U.S. policies have on other countries. "The president's anti-refugee and anti-asylum rhetoric has been adopted and amplified by other politicians around the world," say the report's authors.

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