Preemptive Love Coalition: Let’s Rise Together

It’s been quite a year for women in the U.S.

From the #MeToo movement reverberating across the country, to the record number of women running for political office, to the examples of strong feminine role models in media (hello, Wonder Woman and Black Panther!), there is no denying that women are on the rise.

But it’s not just happening in the U.S. Despite being largely excluded by the women’s movement in the States, women around the world on the rise, too—and they’re overcoming some extraordinary challenges along the way.

Millions of women in Iraq are free from ISIS control. In some places, displaced people are returning home. Women are starting businesses, getting an education, and healing from the trauma of war.

They are rebuilding, helping each other start over, and reinventing themselves in the wake of tragedy. Women are rising, and it’s beautiful to see.

Refugee women are breaking into the tech sector.

A few days ago, dozens of women graduated from WorkWell, our tech hub transforming refugees into freelancers and entrepreneurs.  These women are breaking ground and laying a firm foundation for their future success in an industry typically dominated by men. One single mom brought her two small children to watch her graduate—our staff corralled the kids while their mom accepted her diploma.

Those kids don’t yet realize that their mom is a hero—but they will. 

Women are rebuilding their communities after years of war.

One of our closest friends and colleagues in Iraq, Hala Al Saraf, is receiving an international leadership award from Refugees International for her “tireless efforts in addressing the needs of the internally displaced in Iraq, particularly during the urgent humanitarian crisis of the past several years.” She is building her country back with love, grace, and grit—and we are so honored to work with and learn from Hala.

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