RI invites you to join the
New Humanitarian Committee
for the

17th Annual New York Circle 
Act For Refugees

Thursday, November 14, 2019
12:00 to 2:00 p.m.
409 E 59th Street
 New York, NY


Email Sara Conklin at sara@refugeesinternational.org to sign-up


join the New Humanitarian Committee

Show your commitment to improving the lives of refugees and internally displaced people and meet others in the community who share your interest in advocacy.

With diplomats, humanitarians, actors, leaders in business and the arts, and members of RI’s Board of Directors in attendance, you have the opportunity to interact and network with VIPs from a variety of industries, as well as with RI’s dedicated leadership team and advocates.



Get Engaged

• Attend Act for Refugees on November 14 in New York City (purchase tickets here).  

• Identify colleagues, friends, and family who might be interested in RI’s mission and encourage them to attend the event.

• Inquire about a matching gift or corporate sponsorship program at your workplace, and encourage them to support RI’s 17th Annual New York Circle, Act for Refugees.

• Follow us on social media and subscribe to our email updates.

• Get involved! Start your own RI fundraiser, host a documentary screening or gallery showing on a topic related to RI's work, host an athletic event like a Soulcycle for charity or a 5k, or lead a campaign to contact your elected officials asking them to support refugees. 


Member Benefits

• Your participation in the inaugural New Humanitarian Committee will be recognized in the printed event program, mailed invitation, and on RI’s website.

• Network with leaders on the global stage in non-profits, diplomacy, foreign policy, business, entertainment, and the arts.

• Build meaningful relationships with RI advocates, leaders and board members.

• Be part of a dynamic network of humanitarian leaders across the United States who share your passion for refugee advocacy.

To create more awareness around the dire situation many refugees and immigrants are facing today... I hiked Mt. Everest and then summitted Mt. Aconcagua, dedicating my fundraising efforts to the cause.

For me, my dedication to charity and community engagement with Refugees International opened a whole new world of both endurance and awareness. I learned that everyone has their mountains to climb... And whoever doesn’t risk - doesn’t summit.
— Elena Kvochko, New Humanitarian Committee Chair