The Daily Beast: Somalia's Mother Teresa fights famine

By Eliza Griswold

The 100,000 people who are squatting on Dr. Hawa Abdi’s farm in Somalia, which she has turned into one of the world’s most innovative camps for displaced people, are today under assault by both weather and war.

At the camp, the nearby river has dwindled to a trickle. This year, the rains hardly arrived before they’re ending.

“People are starting to eat grass,” Hawa said. “All the animals are dead, now it is the humans.”

The children in these photos are now inside the camp, where 15,000 kids under her care are at risk of famine. In fact, seven children die every day. Forty-nine died this past week. Seventy-seven are already in similar condition. Outside the camp, the situation is even worse. At least 2.4 million people—or three out of 10 Somalis—are suffering from famine, according to Refugees International.

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