February 04, 2009 | Patrick Duplat | Tagged as: Afghanistan, Congress, Pakistan, U.S. Administration, United Nations, Humanitarian Response
Vice President Joe Biden visited Afghanistan just one week before the inauguration, indicating the new administration’s foreign policy priorities.
February 02, 2009 | Camilla Olson | Tagged as: DR Congo, Humanitarian Response
The last time I visited North Kivu in April 2008, things were relatively calm and humanitarian access was fairly good.  Nine months later, everything has changed.
January 28, 2009 | Joel Charny | Tagged as: Sri Lanka
One of the harsh realities of the humanitarian field is that some crises capture public attention, while others do not.
January 27, 2009 | John C. Danforth | Tagged as: South Sudan, Sudan
Early in his presidency George Bush saw an opportunity to end a long civil war in south Sudan, and in 2001 he asked me to be his special envoy.
January 26, 2009 | Kenneth Bacon | Tagged as: Afghanistan, Congress, Pakistan, U.S. Administration, Humanitarian Response, Neglected Crises
Richard Holbrooke, the Obama administration’s special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, knows first hand that peacemaking can be dangerous and difficult.