Looking to Leave, Again

By Garrett Bradford

In February 2012, RI visited the riverside community of Gambote, in Colombia's Bolívar Department. We spoke with Manuel Suárez, a local indigenous leader who had been displaced by violence in neighboring Córdoba Department. But as Manuel told us in the video below, his community needed to be relocated again – this time because of devastating floods in the area.

"I Want to Work!"

By Marc Hanson

Steady, gainful employment is an important part of of resolving Colombia’s IDP crisis. In most cases of forced displacement in Colombia, families flee their homes in rural areas for the relative safety (and anonymity) of larger cities. In the process, they leave behind their agricultural livelihoods, assets, and social networks.

UN Must Act for Families Trapped in Syria

By Michael Boyce
Today, RI and allied organizations submitted an open letter to the members of the UN Security Council. The letter states that with the UN Supervision Mission in Syria now shutting down, and efforts to get aid into the country foundering, it is time for renewed Council action to help the 1.5 million internally-displaced Syrians. RI and its allies are asking the Council to pressure all sides in Syria to prevent displacement, protect those who have fled, and grant immediate humanitarian access. The full text of the letter is as follows:

August 21, 2012

Bangladesh Compounds Misery for Rohingya Community

By Melanie Teff

It’s hard to imagine that life could get much worse for the Rohingya, a stateless Burmese Muslim minority group. But yesterday’s news that Bangladesh has ordered non-governmental organizations to stop providing Rohingya refugees with (already minimal) services will surely increase their suffering.